Anyone can be a Private lender! If you have funds to invest and are looking for a great return, private lending could be for you.

Your money is secured by a registered mortgage over real property (just like the banks). The higher the Loan to Value ratio (LVR) the more risk involved for the lender. A typical LVR in private lending situations is 75% of the property value. Due diligence and valuations assist in assessing the value of the security property.

Private mortgages are called Solicitor loans for a reason, as all documents and security registration are done by a solicitor. Not just any solicitor can do mortgage security documentation, you need one who specialises in the field. The solicitor ensures your mortgage is secured the best way possible to eliminate any foreseeable risk. All solicitors’ fees are paid for by the borrower.

We organize all these legal issues ,register the borrower’s secured property title (first mortgage or second mortgage )under your entity depending on your risk appetite .we use our smart loan management system to manage your private lending , what you need do is just earning interest income , we do the Due Diligence and risk control and repayment ,collections.