Speicalist Home Loan


Our special home loans usually provide loans to customers who do not meet mainstream bank lending standards. At SuperCredit, we fully understand the needs of each customer, so we can provide a more flexible way to help our customers. No matter how the customer’s credit record is, we will provide a plan to get you back on track.

Rate from 6.19%

Loan Purpose: 

Purchase or Refinance

Loan Size:

Up to $2,500,000

Maximum LVR: 

Up to 95%

Loan Term: 

Up to 25 years


Principal & Interest or Interest Only

Employment Type:

PAYG income, Self-Employed & LoDoc


Unlimted accepted (Unlimited)


Unlimted accepted (Unlimited)


Paid or Unpaid accepted

Discharged Bankruptcy:

1 day accepted

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