What makes SuperCredit different?

SuperCredit is a mortgage broker. Unlike most others our organisation offers its clients custom-designed loans that suit their individual needs.

That means not only that we provide a customer centric designed loans but we have access to a range of other loans from other banks and non-bank lenders.

While some lender can only provide residential home loans, At SuperCredit we have the experience and knoweldge in Residential, Commerical, Business & Development Finance. We will not only provide a lending solution for our customer but guide you through every single steps of the process.

With SuperCredit, you can specifiy the features you are looking for in your loan and we will tailor it to fit your current and future circumstances.

If that doesn’t fit, we have access to all major banks and other non-banks.

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Our role as your home loan and business loan Specialist is to guide you through the process to ensure that all your finance needs and options are considered. We make sure that this exciting opportunity is professionally managed to reduce the time and worry for you throughout the purchase.

If you are researching your Home Loan or Business Loan options, everyone will be advertising “the best deal”. But what they may omit to tell you about are the hidden costs, or just as importantly how to structure your finance to suit your ongoing and future finance needs. SuperCredit home loan and business loan brokers have access to many lenders and will be able to guide you through your decision if you are thinking about your finance options right now. Don’t do it on your own. Ask us, your trusted finance home loan and business loan Brokers, to work through this with you.

Don’t think that by going to your local bank it will get done faster or that it will be more beneficial to you. All loans go to a processing unit. Our home loan and business loan Brokers have access to the banks’ Business Development Managers (BDM’s) who can escalate issues. We make them work harder for you to get your loan through. Because we have access to many home loan and business loan products across many lenders, we can often find alternative solutions for funding that some banks just can’t access. It’s not uncommon for home loan and business loan Brokers to get a loan through the same bank whose local branch has declined an application. So make sure you call us first to save your time and increase the approval chance.

Regulations in the broking industry are continuing to improve across Australia. Think of your home loan and business loan Brokers as being a professional resource in the same way you think of your accountant, financial planner or solicitor. SuperCredit is in the business of building ongoing relationships with our clients and to think of your best interests, not those of the bank.

We will work with you and your service providers (real estate agent, conveyancer and lender) and sometimes your other professional affiliates (such as your accountant and financial planner) during this process, while ensuring we help you obtain the finance that best suits your circumstances and needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the steps to buying your home and obtaining finance. This guide is designed to help you through the process to ensure nothing is missed and that many of your questions are answered.  By all means, please call the office for more information or clarification about your own circumstances.

We look forward to helping you purchase your new home.


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